Making an engine block into a coffee table isn't new, but it is a growing niche among furniture. Of course, you won't find one of those things at Raymour and Flanigan; you'll either have to pay big bucks or make your own. What's the best engine for a coffee table?

Top Gear has its Jaguar V12 table, around which the world's most famous automotive threesome say things like "bottom" and "cock" and sometimes "Ipswich." But what if you happen to be decorating a new apartment and are looking for ideas? To my mind, one can do no wrong with a BMW straight-six block. It's nice and compact, especially if you live spatially challenged, and it's got enough textural differences to charm even the least-car-crazy female in your life. And if there is a true car-crazy female in your life, she'll undoubtedly be charmed as well.


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