These cars were made to hover.

10.) Citroen SM

With its stylish and effective Kammback tail, covered rear wheels and a properly-suited cockpit, the Citroen SM was on its way to being the hovercraft of the ages.

Suggested By: Chairman Kaga, Photo Credit: Mic via Wikipedia

9.) GM EV-1


The GM EV-1 was a car lost in time. With styling driven by aerodynamics, low drag coefficients and such, the final EV-1 product ended up looking very space-poddy, which is exactly what you want for a hovercraft.

Suggested By: As Du Volant, Photo Credit: Rick Rowen via Wikipedia

8.) 1959 Chevrolet Impala


Just look at it. Surely it feels more at home hovering above the ground rather than rolling its massive self around. Why isn’t there already team of engineers at GM working on this? Stop wasting time! Reader CobraJoe can explain his feelings on this matter.

Besides the fact that it already has stabilizing fins to keep it straight even without friction from the ground, it’s a popular lowrider, and what could be better than being able to adjust the ride height from 0 to infinity via the anti-grav (or whatever). And the best part? It already rides like a cloud, so you’d never notice that you were really riding on air.


Suggested By: CobraJoe, Photo Credit: GPS 56 via Flickr

7.) Reliant Robin


Old Top Gear has shown us that these little three-wheelers clearly never had any intentions to be road-going and we already knew that they were one of the hardest cars to drive on the road, so maybe a hovering Robin could help this cause. Let’s just hope Robins don’t have some weird aerodynamic flaw that might cause a Hover-Robin to pivot and roll over themselves.


Suggested By: Captain Intenso, Photo Credit: Reliant/Five Starr Photos via Flickr

6.) Any Motorhome


How great would it be if you didn’t have to deal with a motorhome’s awful ride or lack of handling capabilities? Reader Kerberos 824 can explain why he feels most motorhomes would be at home as a hovering machine.

Motorhomes. Unfortunately they drive like the truck or buses that they’re based off of. Consequently, they rock and sway a lot (they’re big, I know), are not all that comfortable but for the cushy ass seats, and all the stuff you have stowed away moves around. A hover RV would be awesome. Could cook dinner and make mojitos as you were piloted down the road on a nice cushion of air.


Suggested By: Kerberos824, Photo Credit: dave_7 via Flickr

5.) Toyota Prius


The Toyota Prius is a car built and marketed around low-cost fuel economy and futuristic themes. What better way to use less fuel and become more futuristic than to start hovering? Just lose those wheels, all they really do is slow the car down.

Suggested By: Viperfan1, Photo Credit: Toyota

4.) Saab UrSaab


Is it just me or does this li’l guy remind you of one of those hover cars from the Jetsons? It’s just missing that flashy glass bubble!

Suggested By: Hoccy, Photo Credit: JeLuF via Wikipedia

3.) BMW i8


I’ll be damned if the boys in Munich didn’t have this in mind already. It makes spaceship noises, the cockpit has a spaceship-influenced feel and personality and the exterior has lines that I’m not even sure belong on a road car of today.

Suggested By: Corey CC97, aka Silent Bob, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

2.) Citroen DS


The only thing that could beat the Citroen DS’ hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension would be a hydropneymatic self-hovering suspension. Can someone get on this?

Suggested By: Harlard, Photo Credit: Klaus Nahr via Wikipedia

1.) Delorean DMC-12


There is no vehicle that would be more at home hovering above ground than the DMC-12. In its flagship movie role as a time-machine-car in Back To The Future, we saw what it could do when a when a Flux Capacitor was affixed to it, so why not recreate something similar for the real world? Oh right, physics.

Suggested By: Mailbox Cancer, Photo Credit: LS DSL vis Wikipedia

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Top Photo Credit: Citroen