Automakers, drop those useless convenience features, stop painting those bumpers, and swap those alloy wheels out for steelies. You’re doing it all wrong, and here’s proof: these are ten cars that need to be cheapened up.

10.) Porsche 918 Spyder


The Porsche 918 is one of the cars that immediately comes to mind when discussing the pinnacle of today’s consumer road car technology. That’s cool and all, but what if it wasn’t so high tech? Reader Bullitt417 discusses this mythical concept:

When Chris Harris first drove the 918 development mule, he said it was fantastic, but that he couldn’t help wonder what the car would be like with out all the hybrid equipment. So I say, Make a Carrera GT successor. Porsche 918 chassis, gas engine, $500,000. Still expensive enough to be elite and worthy of the moniker, but a bargain next to a 918.

Suggested By: Bullitt417, Photo Credit: Porsche

9.) Ford Fiesta ST


When you have a blasphemous-sounding 1.0 liter three-cylinder that’s already good to go, no one actually needs the Fiesta ST’s 1.6 liter turbo-four. Putting that amazingly-silly little motor in a Fiesta that isn’t illegal to autocross could be something magical, and something a bit more economical.

Suggested By: Justin Hughes, Photo Credit: Ford

8.) Dodge Viper


The Dodge Viper is not a luxury car, it’s a damn V10 track monster. Dodge, why must you pretend? Cut the crap. And by crap I mean those heavy adjustable bucket seats, that 8.4” display with that so-called UConnect, and all those leather covered interior pieces. If really you have to, it couldn’t hurt the car too much if you downsize the motor. But only if you have to.

Suggested By: Jcarr, Photo Credit: Dodge

7.) Porsche Boxster Spyder


Keep those neat lightweight door-open pull straps, make that soft manually-operable, and make the 2016 Boxster Spyder the OG hardcore soft-top Porsche it should’ve been all along. Surely with those new 718 boxer-fours there’s some room for a price drop.

Suggested By: TheAnswerIsAlwaysCitroën, Photo Credit: Porsche

6.) Ford F-150


After taking the once-beloved Ranger away from us, the cheapest truck available from the blue oval is the fleet-spec F-150 XL with a starting MSRP of $27,510 after destination fees.

I get it. The base XL is already a stripper model, but think about the potential market that revolves around a sub $20,000 truck. Don’t tell me it’s not possible! Make it happen.

Suggested By: G70CHEVELLE SS, Photo Credit: Ford

5.) Nissan Versa


The Nissan Versa is a beautiful thing, and I don’t mean its body lines. At $12,825 after destination fees, it’s one of the cheapest new cars on the U.S. market. That’s truly something to be proud of, but I think you guys can do better.

Nissan, you already have the unpainted mirrors and steelies available on the S trim level, good on you there. Although I think there is room to aim a little lower. Maybe toward the sub $10,000 mark. It would make the Versa an even more obtainable personal method of transport and definitely earn it more praise from yours truly.

Suggested By: Parker cKilgerman, Photo Credit: Nissan

4.) Nissan GT-R


At first glance, one might consider the GT-R to already be the cheap version of something that could be much more expensive. I’m not saying that it isn’t, but there is a whole other market level of AWD sports cars that an economically-designed GT-R or a baby GT-R could fight. *Cough cough* Subaru WRX STI and Focus RS fighter *cough cough*.

Suggested By: King Ginger, Photo Credit: Nissan

3.) Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen


If I could only go back in history and prevent the Gelandëwagen from becoming the absurdly-priced luxury box-thing that it is today. Reader As Du Volant gets it:

Originally designed as a brutish 4x4 for the roughest conditions, now it’s an expensive luxo-cruiser for soccer moms. Still very capable but 90% of them ever see anything more rugged than gravel.

I’ll take mine with no carpet, a diesel engine with manual trans, no power options, vinyl seats, no fancy infotainment tech... and hell, even removable doors and top. And don’t forget the big beefy mud tires and a winch.


Suggested By: As Du Volant, Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

2.) McLaren 570S


It’s great seeing a sports car manufacturer like McLaren taking initiative and creating almost-completely brand new cars to market against sports car pioneers like the Porsche 911 Turbo. Understandably, there can be a concern of devaluing your brand if you let it slip too much, however, we are almost in the year 2016 and no one is really supposed to care about image anymore, right?

The 540c is a good start, but I’m talking something with less zeros on the MSRP. Think something like a Cayman fighter. No. A Miata fighter? Somewhere around there.


Suggested By: Ry-bones, Photo Credit: McLaren

1.) Acura NSX


At $150,000, is there any actual possibility that the new NSX can successfully fill the role as a brand-changing halo car? Probably not. What you guys need is a cheap, preferably not hybrid, or front-wheel drive, or boring, economically approachable NSX. Maybe call it the Integra!

Or would that sully your premium brand image? Drop the crap Acura. Give the people want they really want.


Suggested By: OtizzyStarBai, Photo Credit: Acura

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