Ten Cars That Could Explode In Value Soon

You know the car that used to be cheap? Well, if you want to see any of these ten in your garage, you better buy them right now. Or you'll go broke when the time to buy comes.

10.) Saab 900 SPG/Aero


Simple reasons, really. They won't be making more, parts are becoming rare, and it's an awesome car. themanwithsauce has more:

First of all, Saab as we know it is dead. Second of all, this was one of the last Saabs pre-GM takeover. Third - the SPG kit is an overall performance and appearance upgrade over the already quite good 900. Fourth - prices are still cheap. They can't stay that way forever. Quite a few have been wrecked or are in a state of bad disrepair but a good example will be collectible very soon.

Why the SPG over other rare saab variants of the time? The simple fact is that you can still get one before they explode. Some oddball special editions like the "Springtime in Sweden" edition that ended up in AMerica somehow are likely going to stay in collector's hands if they aren't there already. But there are somewhere around 7000 total SPG saabs made from 1984 to 1991. There's bound to be one worth buying near you and it can probably be had for just a few grand. Not bad for a funky little swede that'll probably be 25-30k in the next decade.

Suggested By: themanwithsauce, Photo Credit: dave_7

9.) Chevrolet C10


Those old beater trucks are starting to become the stars of certain parking lots. Brian, The Life of:

For so many years they were just "old beater trucks" and now there are not many left in unmolested, unbeaten condition. Also, although I'm an unrepentant Ford guy, I think these are just damn pretty and have always been my favorite truck. I'll take mine with the rare A/C option, please :)


Suggested By: Brian, The Life of, Photo Credit: Jack Snell - USA

8.) BMW E46 M3


Following what happened to Neuklasse BMWs and the E39 M5 in line is the E46 M3. Sure, they sold plenty of them, but try finding an unmolested one with a manual! willkinton247:

It's possibly the most sought after M3 out there (maybe after the E30?), but most have been driven hard and rough. And coupes seem to be much harder to find than convertibles, and the SMG gearbox is largely considered to be junk.


Suggested By: willkinton247:, Photo Credit: PHOTOGRAPHRdotNET

7.) Pontiac G8 GXP


The last one is always special. Well, not really, but this Holden/Pontiac is a proper future classic that's retaining its value already compared to other performance cars of the period.

Suggested By: dmat, Photo Credit: zombieite

6.) Alfa Romeo Spider


With Alfa coming back to the US, people will start looking for these even more. Over 10K now, 15K in a couple of years.

Suggested By: Kate's Dirty Sister, Photo Credit: János Balázs

5.) Chevrolet Corvette C4 ZR1


Forget what you think you know about the C4, with a few upgrades, these can be sweet weekend rides indeed, and if you happen to one of the special editions, don't sell just yet.

Suggested By: Jonee, Photo Credit: aresauburn™

4.) Aston Martin V12 Vantage


The last V12 Aston Martin with a manual transmission. And the microphone drops.

Suggested By: BrtStlnd, Photo Credit: order_242

3.) BMW 850 CSi


Here's another V12 for you. A rather complicated one, but Shane Elliott says its worth the trouble:

Low production number, M-tuned V12, M brakes and suspension, mandatory 6-speed, popup headlights, etc.


Just get the Euro-spec one with the proper mirrors.

Suggested By: Shane Elliott, Photo Credit: free photos & art

2.) 80s Porsche 911


Remember the cheapest 911s you could get? Deutsche Mark just got stronger. fritzo:

I missed the boat on '84-'89 Porsche 911s.

Just 10 years ago, you could get one turn-key restored in the mid-teens. Now they're in the $25K-$30K range, and the '87-'89 versions with the G-50 transmission are going for even more!

I love '78-'89 911's because they're freaking indestructible, rustproof, will practically run forever if you take care of it, and they still look fantastic. It's one of those strange vehicles where you WANT one with over 130K miles because you know by then all of the upgrades and maintenance have most likely been done already. Some examples in our local PCA group have over 300K miles and are still going strong.

I'm still hell bent on owning one one day.


Suggested By: fritzo, Photo Credit: Bonnett

1.) DeTomaso Pantera


There will be a point when the market realizes that Panteras are just as exotic as any Italian of the era with the same crappy build quality but at least a less hectic engine.


Elvis was wrong.

Suggested By: mrburnsy, Photo Credit: El Caganer

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