Our readers have a lot of problems with you automotive designers, you body shops, and you crappy drivers. Gather round the Festivus pole as we celebrate 2010's automotive grievances.

This is Answers of the Day - where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's "Question Of The Day". It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers.

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10.) Automatic Transmissions

I Got A Lot Of Problems With You _______: Automatic transmissions. You've been disappointing enthusiasts for years, letting people unable to drive get behind the wheel, and mostly just taking up space.


Suggested by: RamblinReck89

9.) Lotus

I Got A Lot Of Problems With You _______: "Lotus, what happened to you? You used to be cool. Lightweight and simple, per Colin Chapman's orders...


Now you're giving all that up to be a generic luxobarge supercar maker with no distinguishing features?"

Suggested by: DennyCraneDennyCrane


8.) Punks

I Got A Lot Of Problems With You _______: "Punks at the track. I have shown myself in your presence not to belittle or mock you. I wish to explore the limits of my vehicle. Go forth in peace that I may always launch firmly, and run straight and true. When the slips come to light, and I spanked your precious hoopty know that it was not in malice.

Punks at the stoplight. I do not wish to risk my license. Nor the lives of others. Your immature showing off is nothing but jackassery."


Suggested by: AMG=OMG

7.) Slow Bodyshops

I Got A Lot Of Problems With You _______: "I'm pissed that my car has been in the bodyshop for a month and that everytime I call I get a different story as to why its not ready, they have been waiting for some plastic mouldings for 2 weeks now. Guess I'm stuck with the piece of crap Liberty rental for at least 2 more weeks as the part's on back order."


Suggested by: Brownstar

6.) Companies Not Selling Manual Diesel Wagons

I Got A Lot Of Problems With You _______: "The limited number of manual wagons with diesel engines for sale in the United States.


There can be only one. Seriously WTF. What happened to choice? This is America. I've got 35 different flavors of ice tea at my local mini-mart but only one diesel wagon?"

Suggested by: Zacarious


5.) High Belt-Lines

I Got A Lot Of Problems With You _______: "High belt lines in new cars. I hate them so much. They make it nearly impossible to see anything, especially when combined with huge C pillars and tiny rear windows. Why do you hate us and want us to die, automotive designers?"

Suggested by: Tyson


4.) Dumb People At Stoplights

I Got A Lot Of Problems With You _______:
"1) SUVs. When wanting to turn right at a light I look to my left for oncoming traffic and see...the passenger side fender blocking my entire view. Same with opposing left-turn lanes with a green (non-arrow) light. I have no idea what the hell is coming because the SUV across from me is blocking the entire view of oncoming traffic. Thanks, you jackasses.

2) The light has been green for 10 seconds. Why, in the name of all that is pure on this planet, are we still stationary?!?


3) People who very obviously will not make the left turn before the light turns red, but they still make the turn. Thus running a red light and being in the intersection several seconds into the opposing lane's green light. You are not that important, you arrogant prick."

Suggested by: initZero


3.) DMV

I Got A Lot Of Problems With You _______: "The DMV. They need to make the driver's test at least twice as hard, and make the people take the test not only every time they renew their license, but every time a driver is at fault in an accident. Make the test occur in manual cars (unless they have a physical handicap), and test emergency handling. Basically make it more Finnish."

Suggested by: NikolaTeslaIsAHero


2.) The Idiots Who Do AOTD

I Got A Lot Of Problems With You _______: "A few weeks back, when the QOTD was asking which cartoon/fictitious car was the best, I suggested Optimus Prime first, yet didn't get the h/t. Not the end of the world, but I felt slighted."

(Ed Note: You're actually mad at the intern that helps gather these together. Gotta pass that buck)


Suggested by: Lysol

1.) People On Craigslist Who Don't Share Information

I Got A Lot Of Problems With You _______: "Posters on craigslist that don't say or show pictures of what kind of transmisison is in the car they're selling. Not looking for specifics, just stick or auto."


Suggested by: ReverendDexter