After witnessing Australians deal with a snake at their window and learning to watch out for cats seeking shelter in our engine bays, I'd love to hear all the animal-encounter tales you've had with your vehicle.

I had an interesting experience myself while refueling a pack of Suzuki DR-Zs somewhere outside Yulara. A particularly curious emu started stalking a member of my group, then seized an opportunity to pluck the bloke's gloves from where they were plopped on the seat of his bike.

The bird scurried away into the scrub, but lost interest and dropped the gloves when it realized they tasted nothing like... whatever it is emus eat.


Whether an elephant took a dump on your Land Rover in the Serengeti or some baboons made off with your side mirror at one of those "drive-thru" zoos (do those still exist?) I can't wait to hear what kind of critter-calamity has ensued with your cars.


Photos: Flickr Creative Commons (Lars Kristian Flem), Andrew P. Collins