Teach Your Kids To Manage Expectations With This Volkswagen GTI Mini-Car

The problem with the mini-cars for kids like those Lamborghinis, Porshes and this awesome McLaren is that they sets the bar a little too high for real car ownership. Listen, kid, odds are you won’t own a Lambo someday. But with a mini Volkswagen GTI, your kid can try something much more pragmatic. And fun!


My kids love riding in my GTI. My daughter, who is only 18 months old, gives me a “Wheeee!” if I’m on a back road, and my 4-year-old son always asks “When can we do the turbo?” It’s a great car for fostering young enthusiasts in a reasonable package, and it didn’t break my bank either.

If you are looking for a ride-on gift for your little ones this Holiday Season and are Volkswagen enthusiast, you can set them up with a replica of an iconic hot-hatchback, but in convertible form.

Currently for sale on eBay from European seller, these mini-GTIs are surprisingly well detailed. There is a real engine sound, the doors actually open, and real LED lights. They even have the plaid seats!


Top speed is about 3 mph, so they won’t be getting any speeding tickets. There is even a remote control if you want to zoom the kids around yourself. Now because these are made in Europe, the ad makes it very clear that the charger will not work on US outlets without a converter.


Retail price is about $567 before shipping, which is a bit pricey, but still way cheaper than the real thing and it teaches a valuable lesson in learning to enjoy an affordable performance car.


(via CarScoops)

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