Tamara Ecclestone's Lamborghini Disappears In Mysterious 'Custody Battle'

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Ah, the megarich. They don't even have the same custody battles that we normals do. F1 head honcho Bernie Ecclestone's smoking-hot daughter Tamara is involved in a dispute with her ex-boyfriend over a Lamborghini Aventador — one that mysteriously disappeared from a London garage over the weekend.


Ecclestone, the hard-partying UK celebutante who once racked up a nearly $50,000 bar tab in a single night, bought the Aventador in 2011 while she was dating stockbroker Omar Khayami, according to The Daily Mail. The Lambo was registered to Ecclestone but put in Khayami's name to secure a residential parking permit, the newspaper reported.

Sadly, the couple split up last June after a sex tape surfaced with Khayami in it. (I know what you're thinking, and no, it does not star Tamara Ecclestone.) When that happened she tried to sell the car, but there was an outstanding debt attached to it, and the former couple became entangled in a lawsuit over its ownership.

Here's the shocking recent twist: the car disappeared from a garage after Ecclestone booked it for service. Ecclestone has alleged that car dealer Ziad Shawadi took it back to sell it and recover the money that is owed on it. In the meantime, she has filed a complaint with police, but they have said they won't be pursuing the matter any further.

Mo' money, mo' problems, am I right?

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The answer to what happened to the Lambo is easy. It got bored of being hassled over so it took matters into it's own hands (or should that be wheels?) and drove off in search of a better driver.