F1 Chief's Party Animal Daughter Spent More On Booze Than Many People Make In A Year

What's the biggest bar tab you've ever ran up? $100? $500? $1,000? How about $48,693?

You've probably never spent that much money on booze, but then again, you aren't Tamara Ecclestone, the smoking hot daughter of Formula One big boss Bernie Ecclestone. She knows how to make it rain when she hits the club.

According to the delightfully-named website What Would Tyler Durden Do?, Tamara was partying at the Aura Nightclub in London on Tuesday night, where she spent about £30,000 (close to 50,000 U.S. dollars) on alcohol for herself and a couple friends. And the entire bar, too.

The website secured her bar tab, which included £13,000 on regular Cristal alone, plus thousands more on what I assume is more fancy Cristal. (I'm more of a Shiner Bock/whiskey and water/prison wine kinda guy, so I wouldn't know.) Not too shabby for a Tuesday night.

The moral of this story: Make it your goal to become friends with Tamara Ecclestone. Or at least try to party at the same club she's in.


Photo credit Getty Images, What Would Tyler Durden Do

(Hat tip to maureyrd01!)

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