Take A Video Tour Of The Porsche Museum's Secret Prototypes And Concepts

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Right now in Stuttgart, the Porsche Museum is running an exhibit that comes straight out of our wildest gearhead dreams. It's called Project: Top Secret! and it hauls a bunch of their old concept cars, prototypes and development mules out of the vault for the public to see.


I want to go to there. But even though I can't right now, intrepid YouTuber DrGumoLunatic took some video inside the museum and was kind enough to share them with us. Let's take a look at Project: Top Secret!

First up we have a "rolling chassis" prototype of the Porsche 918 Spyder. It's what the 918 would look like if it was built in Doc Brown's garage instead of a factory owned by a major automaker. I bet it's fun to drive. Also, terrifying.

Here's some shots of the Porsche 989 concept car, a four-door sedan that could be considered an ancestor to the Panamera. Except not hideous, feel me?

Here's an aerodynamic test prototype for the 959. Weird to see such a legendary car in rough shape like this. Also, what's up with the graffiti?

Then there's the Martini-liveried Porsche 918 Spyder with the Weissach package, which was used for that record Nürburgring run. You've seen this car before. Great color combination.

There's a bunch more over at DrGumnoLunatic's YouTube channel. Go check them out!