New Porsche Museum Exhibit Brings The Secret Cars Out Of The Vault

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There are two things you should do when you're in Germany: eat a lot of schnitzel and visit the Porsche Museum. (Can you do both at the same time? That'd be sweet.) It's really worth it to go in the next few months, where you can see a new exhibit on all of Porsche's crazy prototypes.


The exhibit "Project: Secret!" starts Wednesday and runs through January. It's basically car nerd heaven, showcasing 14 "never-built studies, unknown concept cars, and camouflaged prototypes from Porsche over the decades."

Porsche's website has details on a few of the cars you'll see if you check out the museum, like the V8-powered, front-engined "Why weren't you the Panamera" 989 concept from the late 1980s, pictured above. Though that project was eventually canceled, many of its styling cues influenced the 996.


Here's another one I like, and didn't know existed until today: the Porsche 984. It looks like a hardtop convertible version of a 968, but it was from the mid-1980s and meant to be smaller and cheaper than the 944 of the time.


It was powered by an air-cooled, mid-mounted, 2.0-liter boxer four with 135 horsepower and aimed at "a young, sporty clientele." They even planned an all-wheel drive version too, but alas, a rough economy in the late 80s spelled its doom. What a shame, that car would have been great. It was like an 80s Boxster.

Anyway, go check out "Project: Secret!," bring your camera, and send us lots of postcards. And schnitzel.