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Jaguar’s heritage division built six (plus one) Lightweight E-Type coupés to finish up what their predecessors couldn’t in the sixties, and they all sold out immediately at £1 million a pop. Have a look at why.


Back in the day, the E-Type was such a hit that Jaguar was way to busy satisfying the demand to spend any more time building all-aluminum coupes for the race tracks. They finished twelve of the planned eighteen, and called it a day. That meant six original serial numbers were up for grabs for decades, until Jaguar finally decided to do something with them.

The resulting race cars enjoy the FIA’s full approval since they were built to period correct specifications using the original construction methods and an all-aluminum 3.8 XK engine with a wide-angled head and Lucas mechanical fuel injection.

Lots of reverse-engineering had to be done to turn this plan into reality, but the finished products weigh just 2,292 pounds wet, and with 340 horsepower on tap at 6.250 revs, you can image how much fun they are.

Next stop: Goodwood.

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