Suzuki Hayabusa: The Ride Of Choice For The Feral North American Bro

I think it's fair to say that the Suzuki Hayabusa has a bad reputation. But as the latest Regular (Bike) Review points out, it's not really the fault of the bike — it's the fault of the rider that bike attracts.

Mr. Regular calls him "the feral North American bro," who inhales Creatine, purposely tries to pick street fights outside gay bars, and thinks a helmet is a thing you hang on your turn signal.


But the Hayabusa itself is an amazing machine. It's the ultimate salvo in the top speed arms race of the 1990s, able to hit close to 200 mph. The Hayabusa elevated Suzuki to being more than just a discount Honda with its incredible power and polarizing styling.

In spite of the bro-y audience that the Hayabusa attracts, it's still worthy of respect, and perfectly embodies the call for the open ride that bikes represent.

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