Living in Tokyo and looking for something safe, attractive, boxy, European, long and fast? Allow us to recommend this Volvo 245 with a 300 HP Toyota inline-six, the Japanese version of a V8lvo.

Specifically, this appears to be a post-85 245 with a 2JZ-GTE inline-six likely borrowed from an MK4 Supra. If it's untouched, it should put out the then-maximum Japanese 280 HP. Of course, if you go through all the work of dropping the engine in you might as well make some tweaks, so we assume this is how it reaches 300 HP (or, possibly, because Japanese automakers regularly lied about power output). We're not sure about the transmission, but we're hoping they carry over the Getrag 6-speed manual. Whatever configuration, this is one mean brick.


If our Japanese is right, this car is currently being offered for around $20K. We think we could make one of our own for much less and, now, we may have to consider it. Thanks to Turk for the tip!

[Yahoo! Auctions Japan]