Super Mom Takes DeLorean-Crazed Son From Russia To Ohio Just To See Cars

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Your son loves DeLoreans. You, his mom, knows this. The world's best DeLorean show is in Ohio. Problem: You live in Russia. What do you do? You go to Ohio, introduce your son to Doc Brown, and reinforce your title as Russia's best mom.

About two years ago we heard the story of Seva, a little Russian boy who loves DeLoreans more than anything. For his birthday, his mom made an appeal to get a DeLorean to him for his birthday. The internet stepped in, and she got the only two DeLoreans in Russia for his party.


Yeah, that's pretty badass. It's also pretty hard to top.

But two years later, she's done just that. After the outpouring of love from the DeLorean community last time, Natasha decided to take little Seva all the way to Ohio for the biggest DeLorean car show.


Seva's little head must have exploded when he saw all of those gullwing doors. You'd think that would be enough, to just be a part of a DeLorean show. But then it got better, as Natasha explains:

We decided to go to DeLorean Car Show in Ohio just to meet James Espey and all the wonderful DeLorean owners, and what happened later was just incredible - BTTF guys ( Bob Gale, Christohper Lloyd and others) called us on stage as guests of honor and that was one of the best moment of our lives!

I still can't believe that happened

So, let's recap. Because Seva's mom is awesome, she flew from Russia to O-freaking-hio just so her little boy can see a ton of DeLoreans, and as a bonus the Back To The Future crew welcomed him with open arms.


To get a DeLorean walkaround from Doc Brown himself has to be a pretty amazing experience.


A lot of people say "my mom is better than your mom," but in this case, Natasha is better than your mom. Unless your mom flew you halfway around the world when you were a kid just to see some cars.

Did she? I didn't think so. Natasha is one hell of a mom and Seva is a damn lucky kid.


Photos Courtesy of Natasha