Student Designs The Lincoln That Lincoln Should Be Building

Yesterday I decided to take a peek into the future of auto design. Usually, I do this with a combination of specially-purchased mushrooms and a drink my RV-dwelling uncle makes from methanol and a straw, but this time I decided on a new approach. I visited the Transportation Design Department at ArtCenter, arguably the best automobile design program in the world.

I'll have lots of pictures and video next week, but today I wanted to tease you with something topical. We've been talking about Lincoln a lot lately, especially discussing the kind of car we'd all like to see Lincoln making instead of the MKZ and those SUVs with the other MKsomething names.


And it just so happens an ArtCenter Transportation Design student named Woo Kim has designed pretty much exactly the car we've all been thinking of. A rear-wheel drive platform with a nice big V8, classic Lincoln styling cues while at the same time looking fresh and modern, suicide rear doors, and, get this, bench seats. It's like he's been reading our collective thoughts.

Like I said, I'll have lots more fascinating and inspiring work to show next week, but this particular concept was just so in tune with conversations we've been having the past couple weeks I really wanted to show it as soon as possible.


So, what do you think? Is something like this close to your dream Lincoln? Should Lincoln hire this kid?

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