NASA Time Trials allow for almost any car to compete for the fastest lap time on a legitimate race course. One guy rolled up in his daily driver Lexus and crushed everyone.

There all sorts of ways to compare the prowess of cars: dyno numbers, Ring times, or back-of-your-toilet car magazine 0-60 numbers. For every one of those statistics there is usually high drama and scandal involved (Which kind of dyno was it? Was it tested at sea level? Where the tires used at the Ring O.E.M.? etc.) The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) takes a lot of the horsecrap out of some of those numbers and allows drivers the opportunity to prove which car can really get it done at the track. Show up with what you've got and run it flat out. No excuses.

Dave Schotz took his daily driver Lexus IS-F, the same 4-door sedan he carts his kids to daycare in, and headed to Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA, for NASA's Time Trials. He ran the car bone stock (other than a set of Hoosier Tires and Carbotech brake pads for track duty) and hit 150 miles per hour on the banking.


Regardless of the number of doors the car has, obviously the Lexus is not shy of performance. The car won the TTB class against dedicated trailered racecars with full rollcages, no interiors and heavily modified suspensions.


But we can't give all the credit to Toyota Lexus, Dave Schotz, founder of the popular place to piss and moan about racing,, is no stranger to winning races. He is a three time SCCA solo national champion and two time NASA road racing national champion. After establishing himself as a legitimate racer, he decided to destroy his reputation and joined the endurance race team of Krider Racing at the 24 Hours of LeMons.

After the event the stickers were quickly pulled off prior to driving the car home. Rumor has it Dave's wife didn't know he was taking the family car to the track.


Photography by Caliphotography.