Stefan, Is That You? More On The Aussie Ferrari Hoonage

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From the boys n' girls at the news desk of Perth Now pressed and printed in the land down under, we've learned we may have been right on about the owner of the Ferrari 360 with the now smashed-up nose we reported on earlier this morning. He may have in fact been engaging in some Stefan-like hoonage. According to Brian Hopley, a manager at the Windsor Hotel in South Perth, the Ferrari-owner

"...was waving at everyone in his new Ferrari, revving his engine up and making a big scene and he took off with a screech of rubber and went straight into the traffic light pole."


Nothing like a little just desserts for the prick in the pretty car, right? Well, it gets better — because according to another person on scene, the driver leapt from his crumpled Ferrari 360 Spyder and

"I just saw him run and a few of us gave chase...(the security staff) just chased him down and tackled him in the Windsor's car park."

Now all we need is an Aussie version of Dietrich and maybe a 'roo — and this story's complete. Oh, we also received a couple more photos of the broke n' busted Ferrari, which we've now included in the more-complete Ferrari gallery below. [Hat tip to Dave!]

This image was lost some time after publication.

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