Spy Photos Without Photos: Chevrolet HHR SomethingSomething Spotted In Ann Arbor, We Forget Camera

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This image was lost some time after publication.

While walking back from dropping a few quarters into the old parking meter outside of Zingerman's deli on Detroit Street in Ann Arbor today — where I spent the morning ingesting coffee and a egg n' cheese bagel sandwich after a night of liquor with recent Jalop alumn Mike Austin— where what should I see driving by, but a black Chevrolet HHR in fascia obscura black mask. The black-as-night cladding appeared to be covering an intercooler in the front, which matches what we've heard from spy photogs and "people in the know" at the General that the HHR Super Sport would receive Pontiac Solstice GXP's turbocharged four-cylinder with a rating of 260 hp. Unfortunately, I had left my camera in my bag in the deli of delicious delectables, so we were unable to provide you any photographic proof — not that anyone cares, as there's more than enough of that already out there and anyways, it's still an SS-badge on a FWD vehicle. Of course, because it still had the LT badge on the back, it could have been anything — but oh yeah, it's still an HHR. But, there's a picture of Zingerman's up top, just because the sandwiches are epic.


[Zingerman's Delicatessen]

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I used to work at Zingerman's. (All us guys in the kitchen all called it 'that deli place' for some reason.)

Roadhouse tip: 22 oz PBR and $6 'bar burgers' - what a deal.