Spurned BMW Owner Publicly Executes His $160,000 M6 With Sledgehammer

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Italy-based businessman Pourmohseni Hadi complained of vibrations, rattles, jolts, and bad shifts in his 120,000 Euro ($160,000) 2008 BMW M6. BMW Italy jerked him around and gave him no fix, so he smashed his car with an axe and a sledgehammer in protest.

Hadi took his poorly-running M6 to the Frankfurt Motor Show — the biggest auto show in Germany — and smashed it up with his friend. This is after Hadi took the BMW to a number of official workshops. None of them solved any of his car's problems, and BMW corporate wasn't helpful either.

"BMW Italia and the Munich headquarters tossed the responsibility back and forth," Hadi told the German paper Bild. He went on to say he'd tried ordinary channels for help to no avail. "I wrote BMW a letter - no answer. Now I'm answering [back]! With this action!"


Hadi went on to say that he'd stage the destruction again with a repaired car in front of the German Parliament in Berlin.

BMW is yet to respond to Hadi's protest.

Maybe next time he should complain on forums instead.