Spill in Germany Creates Chocolate Road Of Your Dreams

I’ve always dreamt of a road made of chocolate. One on which, even if I fell from my bike and landed on my face, I’d at least get to stick my tongue out and taste some cocoa goodness to ease the pain. Earlier this week, such a road existed in Germany thanks to a giant spill.


This happened on Monday in the district of Westönnen in Werl, roughly 25 miles east of Dortmund at a company called Dreimeister Spezialitäten. Liquid chocolate spilled all over the road due to a “small technical defect,” local German news site Soester-Anzeiger reports.

Luckily for the company that’s running at full tilt to supply chocolate for the holidays, the technical problem was quickly fixed, and production started back up on Wednesday.

To get all the chocolate—much of which had hardened—off the road, the fire department and employees of the chocolate company simply shoveled the candy into boxes, and removed the remaining slippery, fatty thin layer with torches and hot water.

According to Feuerwehr Werl, the local fire department, the total amount of chocolate spilled was about one metric ton spanning about 110 square-feet.

That’s a lot of chocolate to clean up, and though the fire department looks pretty hard-at-work in the photo above, I bet some of them liked it. And I bet most of them were using those shovels as giant spoons to just shove that chocolate into their faces.


Well, that’s what I’d have done.

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