Spend Three Minutes Watching This R34 Nissan GT-R Get Lovingly Detailed

Do I spot a C63 Black Series in the shop as well?
Screenshot: Hartnett Media (YouTube)

Maybe I’m weird because I enjoy watching detailing videos, but there’s something just so inherently satisfying with watching a car being deep cleaned. Especially if the car in question is an R34 Nissan GT-R V-Spec II with a drop-dead gorgeous coat of iridescent purple paint.

A video uploaded to the Hartnett Media YouTube channel yesterday shows the GT-R enjoying a full detail. And it’s not just any GT-R, it’s the R34 V-Spec II version, which is a special edition that Nissan did not make many of.


The paint has to be custom, though, because I don’t remember any Skylines coming from the factory with that color-shift purple. It looks like something straight out of Gran Turismo.

Screenshot: Hartnett Media (YouTube)

Even the brake calipers are purple. Purple! My heart.

If you’ve never detailed a car by hand before, treat yourself. I highly recommend it. It’s one of the most satisfying experiences in the world—running your microfiber towel along a freshly coated or waxed body panel.


Then you get to stand back as the sun sets (because it has taken you damn near all day or more to finish the job) to admire your handiwork. You don’t have to have a dedicated shop or an R34 Skyline to feel accomplished, but we can all dream.

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