Sources: Ferrari's New Supercar A Shooting Brake

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Ferrari's upcoming 612 replacement debuts Friday, and designer Jon Sibal assembled this rendering of the new supercar (hit his site for a high-res version). Is it really a shooting brake? A source who's seen it tells Jalopnik yes.

Chatter about the new car 612 replacement being a more hatchback-like shooting brake's stems from insider gossip and spy photos like these. Now someone who says they've seen the car — codenamed F151 — at an early preview indicates it's got the characteristics of a shooting brake, though Ferrari will never call it that.


Up front the new car will blend a signature Ferrari grille with 458-style headlamps, according to this source. Unfortunately, out back the car looks like "a mashup between a BMW Z4 Coupe and [the] California." The Ferrari 458 will also lend its "driver station" control system to the interior of the new car.

Power will come from a 6.6-liter 660 hp V12 (we've also heard a 6.3-liter V12) with the company's AWD system, as previously rumored.


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