Someone Made a Limo Out of a Mid '80s Honda Accord and I Have So Many Questions

All photos from Craigslist

Limousines are usually stretched versions of luxury cars or they’re silly cars that were stretched as a joke. But then there’s this car: a 1980s Honda Accord, which is oddly stuck in neither category: it was never luxurious enough to be a real limo, and it wasn’t really absurd enough to be a joke. It really makes no sense.

Sent to me by a reader named Alex, this 1984 Honda Accord Limousine is for sale in California for a scant $1,000. That seems dirt cheap when you consider this:


Look at that cushy sofa flanked by wood organizers! Sure, the window separating the driver from the rear cabin appears to be drooping a bit, but that’s not important when you consider the sweet cathode ray tube television! A closer look at that amazing antiquated electronic:

And since we’re taking closer looks at things, check out the little drawers below the admittedly disgusting-looking bench, along with the beautifully integrated vents!:


Off to the side, there’s a radio and a pair of whisky glasses sitting in a custom polycarbonate holder:


It gets better:


Look at that old-school corded phone!


The seller says the car—which apparently ran as of last year—was “professionally built,” and that there’s been “over 20k invested.” I’m assuming all that cash was spent many years ago.


To whomever spent those Benjamins, I must ask: Why start with something as spartan and small as an Accord? Was this an attempt to get a fuel efficient limo? Why copy a Cadillac or Lincoln’s vinyl top look and that little wing on the trunk lid when you could just buy a Lincoln or Caddy?

Seriously, if this thing wasn’t built recently as a joke, but actually sometime in the ‘80s, then consider me baffled by this thing’s existence.

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