Someone Badged a Tesla Model 3 as a 'Civic Si' and We Love it | Car Time

Once again, we have entered the game of weekday roulette, and have landed on Friday. The day of all days. Which means... it is Car Time!

On this week’s Car Time, Jalopnik Features Editor Raphael Orlove stands in for Justin Westbrook who is out on assignment. Raph and I speak about that hilarious Tesla Model 3 with the “Civic Si” badging, the teens who Snapchatted themselves lighting an abandoned racetrack on fire, and we discuss the story of a Ferrari 288 GTO that was stolen in Germany. Oh, and Raph gives me some shit for buying the “obvious choice” of enthusiast vehicles.


Obviously, he is wrong. But! Watch the video and let us know your own stance. Do you think people should use a little more imagination and have some more patience when it comes to car buying? Should I have really gotten an Edsel over my BMW E36 M3, as Raph suggested?


Definitely not. But, let us know if you, like Raph, have any hot car buying takes down below.

ex Jalopnik car boy, former social media editor.

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W A T C H D E V I L – keeper of the time

It looks like something to do to keep rolling coal bro-dozer owners from pissing on it...