This Might Be A Prototype Of Tesla's Electric Semi Caught On Video

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Even though Tesla has pushed back the official reveal of its upcoming all-electric semi-truck to focus on Model 3 production and explore the possibility of rebuilding Puerto Rico’s power infrastructure, we’re still getting clues as to what the truck might be like.

At first glance, the semi in the following videos have a truck that looks pretty normal, until you recognize the giant white cube sitting awkwardly behind the cab. It’s possible that this could be a prototype for Tesla’s upcoming electric truck, as Electrek managed to spot a similar prototype alongside the cleaner “finished” truck concept in an image that made the rounds a week ago. (Check Electrek’s page for a more convincing image if you like.)


As you’ll likely note from watching the short clips, the truck seems to make very little noise as it pulls away, though I feel like I can still hear something. Check it out:

Reuters reported that Tesla is seeking a 200 to 300 mile range for its semi-truck, but otherwise the details are limited. It’s difficult to guess what kind of capacity the battery pack would need to be even if you work backwards from the claimed range, considering you’d have to factor in the weight of the truck and whatever it’s hauling.


The official truck unveiling will now be on Nov. 16, where Tesla will likely list off a bunch of fun numbers and statistics. Until then, all we have are these videos of this weird truck.