Show Us the F1 Engine, Porsche

Before winning with Honda engines, ‘80s McLarens won with TAG-branded Porsche V6s. Ironically, this particular ‘87 Monaco race ended for Stefan Johansson with engine problems.
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Porsche stands as one of the winningest producers of Formula 1 engines in the history of the sport from its TAG-branded McLaren days, but also one of the most secretive. In the 1990s, a failed V10 program was stashed away, re-engineered for a Le Mans challenge that was also never realized, before becoming the Carrera GT engine. What once was hidden is best revealed, Porsche. Show us the new one.


Indeed, today we found out that Porsche developed a turbo V6 for F1 use before axing the program.

And indeed, the thing works, as per our story from this morning:

Enzinger told that its six-cylinder engine is complete and running, and that a team of technicians uses it for “analyses and further orders with regard to series relevance.”


And indeed, this was something that Porsche had an eye on converting to road use, as happened in the Carrera GT (and kinda the 918, the V8 in which comes out of Porsche’s LMP2 program). As we quoted directly from

Enzinger said the six-cylinder engine concept was still pursued because an F1 engine without the MGU-H would “also be interesting for a super sports car”


Show us the engine, Porsche. The world is better with it in the open.

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