Should Have Seen The Signs: Mel Gibson's DUI Has Two New Ironic Twists

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Two twists in the Mel "blame the Jews" Gibson DUI case, both coming from the website serving up all-Mel all-the-time, And with this Gibson thing, do we need any more irony...apparently, yes. First, it turns out Gibson made a couple of statements at the height of the PR campaign for Gibson's blockbuster "Passion of the Christ" where he sat down for an interview with Diane "Primetime" Sawyer and made two comments he's now eating and washing down with a cold brewski. Second case of Morissette-ian irony was a PSA Gibson taped back in 2002 on behalf of a sheriff's charity, the LA Sheriff's Star Organization (LASSO). Details after the jump.

1.) The Sawyer Interview

While laughing off rumors of anti-semitism, Gibson claimed:

"for me it goes against the tenants of my faith to be racist in any point."

Ok, wait until your done laughing at that one you "warlike Jewish sugar tit" and check out the next statement when he talks to Gibson about alcoholism.

"Sometimes I used to drive inebriated, this is at the height of careless stupidity and when you think of that kind of insanity, I look back at that now and go what was I thinking."


So does that mean you're looking back on this weekend and wondering not only what were you thinking, but also why your faith doesn't appear to mean a whole lot to you when you're drunk as a skunk? Just curious.


Now this shit is just hilarious. Gibson taped this PSA back in 2002. In the spot, Gibson, dressed in a sheriff's uniform, pulls over Scott Baio to thank him for supporting LASSO. He implores viewers, "Give back to those who give so much."


We're running on Mac OS X, so we can't see it but from what we understand...nowhere does Gibson call Baio "sugar tits" or "Jew". We're just saying.

By the way, both TMZ links have video, so watch to your hearts content. We're going to go start a war.


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