Shorter 2013 Honda Civic Ad: Yes, We Screwed Up

The 2012 Honda Civic was highly regarded for being not very good at anything.


Honda did an emergency redesign of the car to make it relevant and up the level of its competitors, thus resulting in the 2013 Honda Civic.


Honda seems to have realized that they have screwed up with the 2012 car and recognize that in the first ad for the 2013 model. Honda has ventured to build products based on big ideas, like Asimo the robot and the HondaJet. Even though the Civic isn't as enterprising as those things, it's far more important to the company.

Good on Honda for realizing that they needed to make some adjustments for the car to be relevant. Now here's to hoping that the car actually makes good on their promise.

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Victorious Secret

Not offering the hatchback here is willingly coughing up sales.

Try again Honda.

Yes, the current Civic might sell through the roof.

But everyone and their mother knows that cars like the Focus are just better overall. They just don't have the rabid Honda fanboyism to drive their yearly sales.