Shelby SuperCars Makes Ultimate Aero EV Official, Plans 1000 HP Version

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News of Shelby SuperCars' intention to build an electric version of its record breaking SSC Ultimate Aero TT leaked out yesterday prompting the company to make the news official. The company expects the SSC Ultimate Aero EV to be ready by late next year, saying that it will initially feature a 500 HP electric motor and revolutionary batteries capable of holding their charge for "years." Additionally, the vehicle will use a 6-speed transmission and once the first model is out, they'll be exploring ways to fit two of the motors into the engine bay, resulting in a 1000 HP model. It's tempting to call shenanigans on this, but when you've made the world's fastest car, beating huge German companies in the process, you suddenly gain a lot of credibility. SSC are keeping additional details hush hush, but click through to read their full performance claims.

West Richland, WA (July 18, 2008) Shrouded in mystery and secrecy, SSC ( has announced plans to unveil the next historical milestone, codenamed - the Ultimate Aero EV (Electric Vehicle), the first 100% Green Supercar to achieve speeds never before seen. Engineering details are yet undisclosed while development continues at an uninterrupted pace. Despite months of speculation, SSC expects to roll out its first prototype in February 2009. "I think we can do it faster, leaner and cleaner than any other manufacturer," says Jerod Shelby, SSC Founder. Unlike other manufacturers' models slated for delivery in the next decade, Shelby's latest brainchild expects to be delivered as early as fourth quarter 2009. Other automakers have sacrificed aesthetics and performance in exchange for hybrid power plants, but the Ultimate Aero EV will deliver a pollution-free, engineering marvel with an exotic Supercar exterior. The drive train under development will feature a revolutionary power source allowing for extended time between charging intervals with the possibility of several years between charging. Powered by a 500 horsepower electric motor, the Ultimate Aero EV will have true supercar performance. All 500 horses will be put to use via SSC's 6-speed manual transmission and triple disc carbon/carbon Tilton clutch. Additionally, SSC is exploring the potential of a twin 500 horsepower electric power plant producing 1,000 horsepower in a 2 or 4 wheel drive configuration. Having already broken the record for the "Fastest Production Car" SSC will soon break the engineering challenge of our time. Says Jay Leno of SSC's first accomplishment, "The coolest thing about this car is they said they were going to do something and then they did it." While other manufacturers scramble to capture the Green hysteria of late, SSC will leap over the barrier with a fraction of the Big Three's budget. To that end, the company recently contracted with Investor Relations Group, Sheffield International Finance Corporation initiating the Company's first acceptance of outside capital since its inception. In a press release dated July 11, 2008, the American automaker announced that much of the private capital will be dedicated to achieve the historical milestone. The invitation-based offering includes an A-list of invitees including celebrities and notable financiers from around the world. Consistent with its company philosophy of being the benchmark, SSC plans next to break the record for the fastest electric car in the world. Stay tuned...

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People standing on the side of a highway changing a van's tire (general roar of traffic)

suddenly... Whoosh! (there's a wrinkle in the fabric of reality, the van rocks back and forth a bit)

first guy "what the f*ck was that?"

second guy "*that* was an electric car"