Shelby GTS is cheapest way to live the dream

When we heard the Shelby GTS was coming we speculated as to whether it would be a gently modified V6 or GT Mustang. Turns out it's both. At just $9,950 on top of the price of a base Mustang it's the least expensive way to get a Shelby product short of buying a Shelby Lancer.


A follow up to the older Ford Shelby GT, the company's extended the Shelby moniker to the suddenly more powerful V6 Mustang, although buyers will still be able to opt for the GT if they desire 5.0-liter V8 power.

Upgrades are on the limited end and include Shelby/Baer brakes, a Borla exhaust, a "fresh air package" and the Ford Racing handling pack (springs, tuned stabilizer bars, front tower brace). All stuff you can get much cheaper elsewhere. What you can't get elswhere is the Shelby lettering, emblems, upgraded front fascia, black billet upper grill, and a Shelby CSM interior plate.


If there's a bit more room left in your checking account they'll happily supercharge either model, upgrade you to adjustable control arms and 6-piston brakes, and maybe even add some larger wheels. Remember, the customer is always right. Unless the customer is wrong. In that case prepare to be sued.

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