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Sheetz Drops Unleaded 88 Gas Price to $1.99 for Thanksgiving

Gas prices are still way up around the country, so this is some welcome news around the holiday season.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A Sheetz gas station in Pennsylvania.
Photo: TaurusEmerald via Wikimeida Commons

It’s the season of giving, so everyone’s favorite gas station/restaurant (unless you like Wawa) is doing just that. Well, sort of. Starting this week, Sheetz is dropping gas prices to $1.99 per gallon through November 28th. There is, as always, a catch. The price drop only applies to Unleaded 88.

The price is only available at the 368 Sheetz stores around the country that sell that type of fuel. The company says you can check what locations apply through the Sheetz mobile app or its website.


If you’re looking to save even more you can sign up for My Sheetz Rewardz using code FUELUP88 during the promotion to get 500 points when buying the fuel. It can be used toward other purchases like food, drinks, and future fill-ups at Sheetz.

AAA doesn’t record average Unleaded 88 prices, but, currently, the average price of a gallon of gas throughout the U.S. is $3.64. So, $1.99 – if the fuel works with your car – is a hell of a bargain right now. It’s nearly a dollar less than the average gas price Texas has right now – at $2.97 it’s the lowest in the country.


Sheetz says Unleaded 88 is a fuel that’s been approved by the EPA for use in all 2001 or newer cars, trucks, and SUVS. The only difference is between this fuel and regular 87 octane is the ethanol percentage. Unleaded 88 has five percent more ethanol in it than Unleaded 87. It supposedly burns cleaner and more efficiently. That being said, please please please check your owner’s manual before putting this fuel in your vehicle.

This isn’t the first time Sheetz lowered Unleaded 88 prices like this. The company dropped Unleaded 88 prices to $3.99 per gallon and E85 prices to $3.49 a gallon around the 4th of July travel season earlier this year. So, while gas prices have come down, Sheetz’s deals have come down with them.