James Bond Apparently Drives an Old Land Rover Series III in Retirement

Photo: Land Rover
Photo: Land Rover

Last week, production on the 25th James Bond movie kicked off, and the first set photos from Jamaica show Daniel Craig’s retired James Bond driving around in an old Land Rover Series III.


You can check out a whole gallery of up-close set photos over at the Daily Mail, but the first look came from a few tweets earlier this weekend showed the Bond crew filming Daniel Craig driving a blue open-top Series III Land Rover down the street.

You can see Craig behind the wheel if you zoom into the first photo here:

During the press announcement, it was revealed that the movie starts out with James Bond retired in Jamaica following the events of his battle with Blofeld at the end of 2015's Spectre. Léa Seydoux returns from that movie as Madeleine Swann for Bond 25.

The brief plot of the movie also revealed CIA agent Felix Leiter, played by Jeffrey Wright returning to the role from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, shows up to recruit Bond out of retirement for help on a mission to rescue a captured scientist. Wright can be seen on set in some of the photos in the Daily Mail gallery.

This photo shows Daniel Craig in the passenger seat, being driven by someone who appears to be his stunt double, likely going over how to drive the Land Rover before the cameras were rolling.


Co-star Billy Magnussen and director Cary Fukunaga were also spotted in the set photos.


It’s unclear how much screen time this old Land Rover will get, and whether or not it will be involved in any action scenes. The Series III was very slow, to say the least, with an ancient four-cylinder engine, so Bond wouldn’t stand much of a chance.

Land Rover had previously confirmed some of its vehicles will be in Bond 25, as has Aston Martin, but no specific models have yet to be revealed.

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