Screw With This Body Shop And They’ll Crash Your Ferrari Into A Wall

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Some may say that "the best revenge is living well." But, sometimes the best revenge is just straight up revenge. Like when the owner of this Ferrari 360 tried to screw his body shop out of paying for a repair. In return, they crashed his car straight into a wall. Now that's living well.


The incident occurred in 2005 or 2006 according to Rob Ferretti, who witnessed the carnage and put it on one of his Super Speeders DVDs. It starts at 3:11 in the video below. We figured there had to be more to it than meets the eye. Rob tells us that we were very right.

According to Rob's source, the Ferrari had a front end impact, the owner brought the car to the shop, approved the estimate, and the car was repaired and they kept the insurance companies out of it. Rob says, "it was a customer paid job because he didn't want it to show up as an accident on the CarFax, there was no registration or insurance card in the car."

When the owner returned, he refused to pay the bill, saying he could have gotten the work done cheaper elsewhere. He demanded to pick up the car from the shop since it was registered in his wife's name. He also said he could have it legally pulled from the shop and then "you can sue me for the money."

Rob says the shop owner had a different idea of how to handle the situation.

On principle the owner of the shop decided to return it to him in the condition it was dropped off and be done with it. I wasn't around after this but I was told the car was returned to the owner and lawyers got involved going back and forth, not certain as to the final outcome.

Like many others who saw this video, we assumed that the only reason someone would intentionally crash a Ferrari would be insurance fraud, but Rob says that couldn't be the case.

It's funny, insurance fraud was the reaction I heard, which is surprising because you would have to total a car out, not just crash the front end. When I think of insurance fraud I think of theft, fire, or false injury claims. Insurance companies always need a police report in conjunction with an accident.


Watching the driver repeatedly bash the Ferrari's front end into the wall is painful, but it's satisfying to see the skeevy supercar owner get his just deserts. Remember, Ferrari owners, the world isn't special for you.


At least some Ferrari owners aren't cheapskate bad guys. One even saved Miles Davis.


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Photo Credit: Super Speeders


Battery Tender Unnecessary

He could have just got a mechanic's lein on the title...which would show up on the Carfax and he could have reported the accident to Carfax independently as just desserts.