Why Did Chris Harris Buy A Ferrari 599?

Remember when Chris Harris wrote his tell-all screed outlining precisely How Ferrari Spins? Well, he wanted access to a Ferrari again, so he did what any other Maranello-blackballed auto journo with a well-managed awesome-car fund might do: He bought a 599.


Apparently, with the Ferrari F12 coming out soon, 599s in the UK have hit the skids. And so, Monkey Harris sold the GT3 RS 4.0 (someone offered him good money for it, and the finance payments were high). "Ferrari won't let me drive its cars any more, and I miss driving them so I bought, a 599. It's fast," Harris says.

Some might find the whole deal to be kind of insane — tossing aside perhaps the ultimate driver's car of its generation for a big, weird GT car with lots of buttons and knobs and a perpetually parched V12. Chris has an perfectly reasonable explanation. Watch and find out what it is.

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