Scott Monty: Still A Big Twitter

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According to an article in the UK's Revolution, the ever-self-promotional Ford social media "expert" Scott Monty claims I have a grudge against him. I guess he's right.


But only if by "grudge" we mean the voicing of legitimate complaints about Scott Monty's lack-o'-strategy, expressing concerns about Ford spending a big chunk of change on a social media "expert" who didn't realize his job was to teach people how to fish and instead busily spends his day fishing himself, then yes, I have a grudge.


It takes a special kind of person who, after implementing nothing more than a self-promotional reactive strategy after nine months in his job, criticizes the critic who calls attention to said inaction. The only thing more hypocritical would be if that person were to then immediately birth exactly the strategy proffered by said critic.

Scott Monty hasn't done that yet — mostly because Scott's Twitter account's still the listed-as-Ford account on Ford websites like "The Ford Story." Go ahead and follow ScottMoCo — you sure won't find a way to follow FoMoCo there.

Of course, maybe the problem is just that Scott has no experience doing what he's doing. He admits in another piece: "Compared to my previous role, I worked out of my house at a company with 3 people – I now work for a company that has 220,000 people – it is like night and day."We're sure it is, Scott. We're sure it is.




**As an fyi — we wanted to direct message Scott to ask him questions about this post but he's removed us as a follower and blocked us from his Twittering. Apparently, he's been blocking us for some time. Transparent? Ha. Not so much.

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Jeff Glucker

So wait... you just proved him right?