Rusty Slammington, The Meanest Old BMW You've Ever Seen, Will Never Die

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Legends never die. Rusty Slammington certainly hasn’t. The E28 BMW 5 Series has been featured on the internet pages of Jalopnik for the better part of a decade, but now it’s finally done, and it’s out there putting BMW nightmares into your children’s heads.

Owner Mike Burroughs unveiled a video of the completed project today at StanceWorks, and it reveals this absurd slammed tuner project was worth waiting for.


We first met Rusty, which packed a Toyota Supra 1JZ-GTE at the time, way back in 2010. Then he was destroyed in a fire a year later. But Mike and his friends didn’t give up, deciding instead to spend years painstakingly rebuilding him. The car made an appearance at SEMA in 2015, but only sporadically since then. Now he’s done and ready to go.

From Mike:

Few cars have proved as pissed off, stubborn, and persistent, for better or worse, as ol’ Russ. Together, we’ve been through a lot, and in retrospect, it’s clear that it would take more than fire and Satan himself to take my car from me. But with a shell warped and consumed by flames, it didn’t leave many options for resurrection. By almost anyone else’s standards, the car was as good as dead. However, inspired by the community, friends, and family to ensure the car was brought back to life, I stripped away every preconceived notion I had about what a car could be, and should be. I cleared the drawing board, and decided I’d build the most badass car I could conjure.

These days Rusty runs on a race-prepped BMW S38 inline-six, the one from the M5 and M6 of the 1980s. Mike says it revs to 9000 RPM these days and is basically what you got in an M1 Procar. The driveline is “a custom amalgam of BMW and Ford Motorsports components,” and the rest of the car is as appropriately Frankenstein’d as it looks.


Mike and the other folks at StanceWorks say they’ll have more on this obscene build soon, and I can’t wait to see it.