Rossion Q1: A Noble for Americans

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It's not that we dislike the faux-spyshot device as a rule. Volkswagen did it to some effect with its new Tiguan SUV. But it's a little trite for our taste. Nonetheless, it's the latest attention-getting strategy of new carmaker Rossion. That is, the US-based sports car builder (and Noble distributor) that's licensed the UK-born Noble M12 to rebadge for the US specialty market. It's looking to drum up support for the new Q1, which when fitted with a recommended 450-horsepower twin-turbocharged Ford Duratec V6 (they sell it sans engine to get past certain regulations) promises to be a fast, lightweight runner that would make Lee Noble proud. So why is it in South Africa? It's to be produced at the same manufacturing facility as the Noble M12 and M400. Pretty sneaky.


Press Release:

(October 9, 2007) - As the U.S. waits for the debut of the Rossion Automotive Q1 in January 2008, a handful of images of the supercar flying down roads in South Africa were captured during road testing in South Africa. The sensuously-styled body covers the fiery power of the Q1 with a suggested drive train offering a visceral 450-horspower and sweltering 400 ft. lbs torque. To maximize performance, the mid-mounted engine is set into a feather-light frame offering a slim total weight less than 2,500 lb.

With 0-60 mph times posting an ethereal 3.2 seconds, a daunting 11.4 second quarter mile time with well over 1G of lateral track skid pad, and a blisteringly fast top speed of 185 mph, the Rossion Q1 will offer even the most adroit drivers a truly world class driving experience.

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Al Navarro


Hmm, that's funny. The why did I see one in my town over the summer? And why where there a few at VIR at the UTCC?

Doesn't some outfit called 1G bring them in? Or is that kaput?