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New Nobility: Rossion Q1 Is The New Noble

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If you'll remember, UK auto manufacturer Noble was totally on the ropes a few months back due to capital needs on development of the M15. And as UK automaking companies are want to do, they looked to sell the right to build their vehicles overseas. In Noble's case, they tossed overboard the rights to the M12 and M400. Here in the good ol' US of A the Noble distributor based out of Cincinnati snapped up the rights and here's the result — a Noble-like sports car called the Rossion Q1. It's got a 0-60 time of just 3.2 seconds, and sports 450 HP, a slight kick upwards from the Noble's 425. Full comments from Rossion Automotive Veep Dan Rosen after the jump.



Rossion Q1 Redefines Supercar Landscape Offering Ultimate Performance in Luxurious Road Car, Perfectly Suited for Street or Track

CINCINNATI, OH (July 11, 2007) - Rossion Automotive proudly announces the worldwide debut of their new supercar, the Rossion Q1. The move into production for the Rossion Q1 began after 1G Racing acquired both the intellectual and design rights for the Noble M400 and M12 platforms earlier this year in February. While further stressing the performance aspects that made Noble platforms such a startling success, the new Rossion Q1 incorporates dramatic design and a comfortably refined interior to create a versatile supercar that mesmerizes on the road as easily as on the track.

"We are extremely proud to launch the Rossion brand with the introduction of the new Q1," says Rossion Automotive Vice President Dean Rosen. "The Q1 is about achieving the very highest possible levels of performance and blending them with luxurious touches traditionally absent from cars of this caliber." The Rossion Q1 is for the enthusiast looking for a refined road car that pushes the limits of performance in every way."

The Q1 offers one of the most superb driving experiences available with a wide array of the highest quality comforts with available options including satellite navigation, power mirrors, hand-stitched sumptuous interiors, and high-grade sound system. The sensuously-styled body covers the fiery power of the Q1 with a suggested drive train offering a visceral 450-horspower and 400 ft. lbs. torque. To maximize performance, the mid-mounted engine is set into a feather-light frame offering a slim total weight of under 2,500 lb.

With 0-60 mph times posting an ethereal 3.2 seconds, a daunting 11.4 second quarter mile time with well over 1G of lateral track skid pad, and a blisteringly fast top speed of 185 mph, the Rossion Q1 will offer even the most accomplished drivers a truly world class driving experience.

Available with one of the most versatile high-performance packages available today as a component vehicle, the Rossion Q1 will be hand built in limited numbers at the same 380,000 square foot production facility the M400 was produced. The Rossion Q1 chassis will have a base price just under $69,000 (U.S.) minus drivetrain. Owner completed cost with suggested drivetrain Base price $90,700. Initial orders are now being accepted for the Q1 with first deliveries set for later this year.

Please visit the new website at to see images, and to see what we have in store for the future. We have been working very hard these past 8 months to create this brand, and we want to thank all of you for your feedback and developmental ideas that have gone into the making of the Rossion Q1.

Rest assured that there will be continued and uninterrupted parts and service to our Noble owners out there. We are all fortunate to be owners of a Noble. We are all special in that we own one (in some cases two) of 220 M12's or M400s that will ever be sold in the USA. Car number 220 will be retained by us and displayed in our facilities for all to see. The M400 and M12 will forever hold a special place in our hearts because this incredible supercar launched us into the future.

We would like to welcome all of our Noble owners into the Rossion family.

We will be more than happy to answer any and all questions that you may have, but please be patient with us, as the next couple of days are going to be extremely hectic! We will respond to you as quickly as we possibly can and would prefer that you email us at

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I think this was written by a fresh grad from marketing school:With 0-60 mph times posting an ethereal 3.2 seconds, a daunting 11.4 second quarter mile time with well over 1G of lateral track skid pad, and a blisteringly fast top speed of 185 mph

ethereal, daunting, blisteringly? Somebody's got a new thesaurus!

BTW- what's a "lateral track skid pad"? :)