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Robert Wickens Reveals He's Paralyzed After Vicious Indy Car Crash

Illustration for article titled Robert Wickens Reveals Hes Paralyzed After Vicious Indy Car Crash
Photo: AP

Rookie IndyCar driver Robert Wickens was the victim of a terrifying wreck at Pocono in August, a wreck which broke nearly his entire body. Wickens shared a video Thursday of him in rehabilitation, while also confirming that he is now paraplegic.


Wickens, 29, broke his neck, spine, both legs, both hands, his right forearm, an elbow, and four ribs in the crash, and has undergone multiple surgeries since. It’s nice to see him moving around again, and even better news that he has hopes of walking again. Wishing you well, Robert.


Update, 10:17 p.m.: Wickens shared more about his rehabilitation on Twitter:

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I disagree with the headline.  He currently has nominal movement in his legs.  His spinal injury definitely has not healed.  He’s working towards a recovery.  It may or may not ever happen, but at this point and time the long term extent of that injury is still unknown.