Canadian road-ragers engaged in chermical warfare, with the collateral damage of a Civic-versus-tall-truck pepper-spray battle including an A&W restaurant's patrons. [Victoria Times Colonist]

With a perp right out of Central Casting (a man sporting gold teeth in a van with "magnets on its sides"), this anti-smoking (or maybe anti-littering) drama features a vigilante who went all wiggy-wiggy on the occupants of a vehicle from which an offending butt was tossed. []

A man driving the wrong way in Charleston became so incensed at the "rudeness" of other drivers that he bashed one in the face and chest with the claw end of a claw hammer. Mr. Manners had previously spent 15 years in prison for a rape he did not commit before being freed by DNA evidence; now he's going to spend up to five years behind bars for a crime he did commit. [Huntington Herald Dispatch]

In a case that echoes the infamous McMissile Incident, a drink is thrown after a Utah cutting-off incident and next thing you know, combatants are going at it with vehicles and "metal objects" flying. [Deseret News]


Don't want to end up like these road-ragin' schmucks, with thousands reading the depressing account of your dumbshit highway violence? Stay calm and whup some feng shui on your car's interior!

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