Road Rage Roundup: Aggro Aussies, Loogie Hawkage

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Off-duty cop in a Jetta, 18-year-old girl in a Maxima. Cop believes girl is too slow, and the whole thing ends up with them at the side of the road and him tapping on the window with his loaded nine, stating "I could shoot you right now, you know that?" Thing is, the recording of her 911 call picked up that career-tarnishing utterance. Welcome to jail, Officer Cmeyla. [Richmond Times-Dispatch]

Minnesota mayoral candidate hawks loogie in face of potential constituent after cutting her off and being the recipient of her one-fingered salute. Probation, anger-management courses are the upshot. []

Rather than necklacing other drivers who bother you, follow the handy advice of this article out of South Africa to avoid ending up on the Roundup. Turns out a clean car makes you less road-ragey! []


You know how sometimes a road-rager's anger subsides after he runs that asshole off the road and maybe pops off a few AK rounds in his general direction? Well, there was no letup on the rage for this VR Commodore-driving Australian gentleman, who beat on his target's Saab for 20 minutes with fists, rocks, and a crowbar, then attacked an ambulance called to the scene. []

That's all for this week's day-late-but-no-dollars-short RRR. Remember, other drivers seldom need killing!


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