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Rezvani Tank Launches at One of the Wildest Garages in Macau

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Photo: Rezvani

As a California-based company, you’d think Rezvani might have opted to have the big official launch of their 2020 Tank located somewhere closer to home or through, maybe, a Rezvani dealer. But that would not be ridiculous enough for this already ridiculous machine. Rezvani launched the Tank at TheArsenale showroom in Macau earlier this month, because where else would you launch it?

TheArsenale (because spaces between words are for poors) has been nicknamed “The Most Insane Garage in the World,” according to a press release, and that’s because it’s home to a lot of pretty wild machines. Where else will you find, say, a 2018 Renault Formula One car alongside a Centauri Valkyrie alongside Formula E’s Roborace car? The answer is nowhere—which, I’m assuming, is also why you will find the Rezvani Tank there.

In fact, chief executive Ferris Rezvani had the following to say about the whole deal, as reported in Carscoops:

This is a completely new concept for a vehicle showroom, to not only be a museum of the most unique and extreme vehicles under one roof but also a store where each piece of mobility can be purchased by the most selective connoisseur. We are proud to enter the Chinese market in such a unique way.


The Tank has become something of a celebrity of late, with its appearance in the new Men in Black film garnering a new wave of international attention. Powered by a Hellcat engine and looking like a rebodied Jeep Wrangler, the Tank is designed to protect you from bullets and shrapnel, which, I am sure, all of its owners will encounter frequently in their everyday life.

The Tank, nestled in amongst Dior-branded bicycles and Bentley-branded surfboards, the Rezvani Tank is definitely defining itself as a very cool and neat vehicle for very rich folk to drive.