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Revenge of the Electric Car: The Trailer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Four years ago director Chris Paine slapped General Motors with his award-winning documentary Who Killed The Electric Car. Now he's back with a new movie — Revenge of the Electric Car. Here's the trailer. Oh and, yeah, I'm in it.

As we've hinted the past few weeks, Jalopnik's hitting the big screen.


Former Valleywag editor Owen Thomas and I were both interviewed for Paine's new documentary, launching this spring. His first film generated a great deal of criticism in the automotive world over how it focused on GM's decision to kill the EV1 electric car program. Specifically, some viewed the film as portraying GM as "evil," despite the fact that its electric car business unit cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars.

Not this time around. "Revenge" will examine how electrified cars are making a comeback — not only by General Motors, the very same company that "killed" them the first time around (along with Nissan and their new Leaf electric car) — but also how pure electric car companies like Tesla Motors may actually hurt the process if they end up failing.


It looks to be an interesting examination of the present and future of electric cars — and not only just because I'm in it. In fact, you'll not only see both Owen and I in the movie, but you'll even see us in the above trailer as I drop in with the setup for the film.

Full Disclosure: I wasn't paid to be in the movie nor am I being paid to say any of this.