Follow Revenge Of The Electric Car Facebook Page, Get A Jalopnik-Sized Surprise

Illustration for article titled Follow iRevenge Of The Electric Car/i Facebook Page, Get A iJalopnik/i-Sized Surprise

Revenge of the Electric Car, the sequel to Chris Paine's Who Killed The Electric Car, hits theaters in Spring, 2011. "Like" the movie's facebook page and when it hits 10,000 followers, you'll get a Jalopnik-sized surprise in the trailer.


Seriously. It's a pretty cool surprise. At least I think so anyway. But hey, I'm biased.

Also, feel free to leave a comment on their page tellin' 'em where you're comin' from.

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Matt Brown

is the surprise going to be Ray complaining about Tesla? if so, I think ive seen this movie before. in blog form. about 40 times.