Retrofit Electric Cars Are Really Cool

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We're not massive fans of electric coal-powered cars here on Jalopnik, but that's mostly because electric cars are usually flimsy, slow commuter vehicles. There is a huge potential for electric cars, though, and it's in your hands.

We're talking about regular cars with the regular internal combustion engines torn out and replaced with batteries and electric motors. The world's quickest EV is a BMW E30 (above) with an electric drivetrain. It's built by Rimac in Croatia, who also make that 1,088 horsepower electric supercar.


So we like the idea of zero-RPM torque and not paying for gas, and so does John Coctostan, who told us as much when we heard that Nissan will build a cheaper Leaf.

When I can buy a kit to retrofit most any vehicle and is good for 100 miles, then I will consider electric.

Reader makopolo concurred.

An electric Miata commuter would be great if I could keep the weight down and distribute the batteries' weight. I can deal with no air conditioning or heat.


Added weight would be a penalty, but custom electric sports cars sound awesome. Now we just need to get more garages to help design and build super quick electrification conversions to show Nissan how an EV is really done.

Photo Credit: Rimac Automobili

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get an old triumph spitfire imo, or hell really any old British sports car, things were horrible maintenance wise but cheap as dirt now and always looked pretty stylish.