Report: The 'BMW Supra' Might Be More Expensive Than A Corvette Stingray

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I'm just going to start calling this thing the BMW Supra because I'm tired of typing "upcoming Toyota/BMW sports car joint venture" all the damn time. Anyway, little remains known about the car, but one of the biggest questions is its price tag.


Car and Driver thinks they might have some idea. Citing an unnamed inside source, the magazine says the car will likely cost more than a base Chevrolet Corvette, which starts at $54,995 at the moment.


That shouldn't be too surprising, I suppose. This car — expected to be a rear-wheel drive sports car with a possible hybrid powertrain — was never anticipated to be BRZ-cheap. Numerous reports have said that the platform developed here will also underpin the next BMW Z4, a car that currently starts at about $49,000. Pricing-wise, this seems about right.

Or maybe it could be a lot more than that. The Stingray isn't cheap, but it is a relative bargain, and "more expensive than a Corvette" leaves a lot of room to go up. A Nissan GT-R is "more expensive than a Corvette" and it starts at more than $100,000.

We don't know where it will end up, but we know where it could start. But as always with the BMW Supra, take this with a grain of salt until we get concrete information. Someday. Maybe. Possibly by the time my unborn children have graduated college.

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If it looks ANYTHING like the picture above, holy shit, I want one. IN TOYOTA FORMAT.

BMW will just figure out a new and exciting way to fuck it up. Or make it into yet another "SAV" and call it the ZX4 M, where it can transform and roll out into an SUV AND a roadster. At the same time.

Which will then prompt MB/AMG to do the fucking same, sending off a chain reaction of stupidity to follow.

Audi, of course, will ignore it, as they do everything else, and continue to build the same shit they've been building straight into 2050, because "truth in engineering" apparently means "we need 15 more years to figure out a new design language where we can just design ONE car and cut/paste it into 10 different variations/sizes."