Rented Corvette and 'Ring Taxi crash at Nürburgring, cause $130,000 in damage

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An eight-car crash on the Nürburgring Nordschleife earlier today sent one driver to the hospital with serious injuries, claimed a rented Corvette Z06 and put one of the new BMW M3 "ring taxis" out of commission. It also caused more than $130,000 in property damage.


According to police, the accident occurred at around 2:00 pm local time on the circuit's tricky Bergwerk ("mine") section as three cars were slowing for a construction zone. A fourth driver, from the UK, stood on the brakes but couldn't prevent a collision with one of the vehicles ahead. He subsequently slid onto the grass and then back onto the track some fifty meters (164ft) ahead. It was there where he crashed into the other two vehicles.

Three other drivers saw the crash and slowed their cars. An eighth car, the ring taxi, crashed into one of the slowing cars, hit another car and came to a stop at the left of the track.

Police say the drivers were from several European countries. A sticker on the Corvette, apparently listing Swedish luxury rental agency Platinum Cars, suggests its rental status. The accident occurred near the site of Niki Lauda's fiery crash during the 1976 German Grand Prix.

One driver was taken to a hospital in Koblenz with serious injuries. Two other drivers were treated on the scene. All of the cars except one were substantially damaged and were not drivable. Police are still investigating, but cite "excessive speed" as the cause.



Recently I visited Nurburg and rented a car from a local shop. Prior to letting us out on the track they gave us a safety briefing that put the fear of God in my wallet

If you are at fault:

1. If you hit the wall, 250€ per meter, four meter minimum

2. You pay for the time the track is closed

3. You pay for the cleanup crew

4. You pay for the other guy's damage, as most insurance companies will not insure your car on the 'ring

5. Always properly yield to faster drivers (you'd be surprised how often this is ignored)

5. 15,000€ liability (shop's policy)

6. You will look like an idiot if you crash

Had I crashed I have have been out $40,000 US easily, sorta makes the 250€ track insurance seem like pennies...

They hounded bullet six over and over which I found funny.

Other than that ——- it was totally worth it and probably the most fun I've ever had in a vehicle.