Reminder: You Can Still Get Awesome Deals On A Kia Stinger

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The Kia Stinger is probably the coolest car to come from the Korean brand. Rear- or all-wheel drive, sharp looks and driving dynamics on par with much more expensive German stuff make it a compelling proposition. Even better is the fact that Kia continues to throw rebates on the hood to move units before the summer ends.


According to our friends at, Kia just threw another infusion of dealer cash that allows for an additional $3,000 off to sell some Stingers.

Senior Pricing Analyst Alex Bernstein breaks it down thusly:

The latest offer is a dealer cash incentive as opposed to a traditional rebate. Like most offers of this type, dealers aren’t obligated to pass along the money to consumers and can choose to keep it as profit.

The offer is worth an extra $3,000 off the 2019 Stinger twin-turbocharged V6 and $2,000 off the 4-cylinder turbo.

As before, Kia is also offering a bonus for Kia owners and those coming from a competitive brand. Here, you can get an additional $2,000 off the V6 and $1,000 off the turbo. Altogether, that’s $5,000 in potential savings for the 365 hp V6 and $3,000 in the case of the 255 hp 4-cylinder.

Now “dealer cash” works a bit differently than the upfront advertised rebates, meaning that’s not advertised and dealers are not obligated to pass it along. However, serious stores wanting to move units will likely throw everything they have to make a sale.

Some stores are advertising upwards of $10,000 or more off the MSRP, but since Kia dealers don’t have the best reputation, you can expect that some of these advertised prices aren’t legit. One of the most common tactics is the removal of the destination fee on the front end, and baking into the out-the-door price, and of course a lot of stores will pack on expensive fees and accessories which makes the upfront discount not as competitive.


Alex also points out that, in addition, the heavy rebates Kia is also offering zero-percent financing for up to 75 months, but you lose that dealer cash money, though when you run the math out it’s probably better to take the free loan.

This is why it’s crucial to shop around and get all your quotes in writing. But bear in mind the Stinger’s a great value already, and with sedan sales tanking hard, you can probably score a great deal right now if you know what you’re doing.

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I want to start off by saying I love my Sorento. It’s a great car that does everything I need it to do. And somehow when I bought the car in 2016, I had a pleasant dealer experience. This has not been the case the last few months.

My wife and I were cross-shopping the Telluride and the Atlas. I get that the Telluride is new and there is demand for it. But the markups and add-ons are ridiculous. The model we liked MSRP’d for $35,000. But with a $5k dealer markup and every useless accessory in the book added to the car, the price ballooned to $44k. I had to twist their arms to get a line-by-line breakdown of the price. No matter how many dealerships I went through across Southern CA, it was the same story. It’s the same thing that KIA did w/ the Stingers last year. They marked them up thousands...and now they can’t sell them.

We ended up getting the Atlas for over $6k off.

tl/dr:  KIA dealers suck.