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Relive The Cars And Craziness Of The '80s And '90s With Us At Radwood 2 TOMORROW

Radwood is not officially endorsed by KITT or The Hoff.
Radwood is not officially endorsed by KITT or The Hoff.

Wedge-shaped cars, pin stripes, skinny tires and badges that bragged about fuel injection are all coming back at Radwood 2, baby. In case you haven’t heard about this ultimate gathering of cars, motorcycles and yes, BMX bicycles from the ’80s and ’90s going down tomorrow, you better get up to speed!


Jalopnik is sponsoring a car show (and cultural phenomenon?) dedicated to the wacky shapes and weak horsepower figures of the bygone era a lot of us grew up in tomorrow, Dec. 2 at The Phoenix Club, 1340 S Sanderson Ave in Anaheim.


And we want you to come.

It all starts at 11 a.m. and will be rocking until around when the sun goes down.

Automotive podcasts Cammed And Tubbed, Clutchkick, Driving While Awesome! plus Automoji (exactly what it sounds like) are sponsoring and organizing the event, and in-car entertainment outfit Clarion is providing Bee Line Coffee in the morning.

Hundreds of vehicles from the ’80s and ’90s will be there, and you can expect to see everything from janky-ass project cars like my $100 300ZX to seriously extreme exotics and even one-off corporate prototypes.


Bring A Trailer, fifteen52, HRE Wheels, Hunziker, Model Citizen and Japanese Nostalgic Car will also be represented with booths. Shout out to CrocGT4 and Internet Brands for sponsoring this event as well.

Myself and some of my fellow Jalop staffers including Editor-In-Chief Patrick George, Kristen Lee and Jason Torchinsky will be roaming around too, so come back in time with all of us! PG’s wearing a Beat It jacket. He’s easy to spot.



Where: The Phoenix Club in Anaheim, California

When: Saturday, December 2, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How much: $10 to spectate. Car show exhibition spots are sold out!

What else: Period dress is compulsory! Rock your rad rags, fam.

Jalopnik Staffer from 2013 to 2020, now Editor-In-Chief at Car Bibles

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dirty soap

Can’t wait!!